Preserve Your Word File with the Word to PDF File Converter

Word File

There are different tools online that you can use to covert one file format to another. All of them are very useful. One of them is the word to pdf file converter which is provided by the small PDF tools. Such a tool is what you can use to convert your word file into a pdf file. Perhaps you need it for school work or office work, regardless this tool can be very useful and necessary for your daily use. To find out more about this tool, then continue reading below.

Word File

Preserve and Compress Your Files

The word to pdf file converter is what you can use to preserve and compress your files. Sending a word file to another person can be prone to edits. If you want your file unchanged, then you should submit a pdf version of your word file so that you can make sure that no one will sabotage your work. This is very important as a student or even as an office worker. Submitting a pdf version of your word file can also help you compress the size of your file. By using the converter tool, you can minimize the size of your files so that you can send them right away and also for any other advantages of having a smaller sized file.

Convert Word to PDF in Any System

The word to pdf converter can be used in any system. Actually, the tool does not depend on the operating system of your computer but on whether or not you have an internet connection. As long as you have a browser with internet connectivity, you are sure that you can convert your word files into pdf files using the converter tool.

Convert Word to PDF from Your Smart Phone

Do not worry too much if you do not have a computer or a laptop because you can even perform the conversion through your smartphone. Have your smartphone connected to the internet then go to the small pdf tools website with your preferred browser. There, you can access the tool then drag and drop all the word files you need to be converted into pdf files. After a few seconds to a few minutes, you can download the files you have converted.

A Safe and Secure Way of File Conversion

In doing the online conversions with the tool, you do not have to worry about security or safety of your files because the website ensures that after converting your files, no traces of it will be left on the internet. It will not be obtained by the website and your privacy and security will be preserved.

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